Youth Basketball Camps & Clinics

Crunch Time Basketball Clinics offers basketball skills training and competitions for boys and girls ages 7-18 in Markham & Richmond Hill, with professional trainers who cater to individual needs and skill levels to help students progress and become their best.

About Crunch Time Basketball

At Crunch Time Basketball Clinics, our professional trainers use demonstrations, drills, and training techniques to teach foundational movements and build confidence, while evaluating each student’s needs and skill level to adapt to their abilities in group settings, for all skill levels from beginners to elites.

“Skills Training is what separates elite players from the average. Playing house league, rep, or school ball is not enough because the focus is on the team, not the individual. For players that want to expedite the process of transitioning from beginner to average or from average to elite, they have to be willing to do the things nobody else is willing to do, when nobody is watching.”

– Nate Reynolds
Founder & Head Trainer

Basketball Programs We Offer

Our basketball programs offer personalized, in-depth training from experienced coaches in a fun, immersive camp experience or more focused clinic setting to help students of all levels improve their skills and abilities on the court, covering foundational skills to advanced techniques.

Basketball Camps

Camps are Winter Break (10 days), Spring Break (5 days), and Summer Break (9 weeks). Camps operate Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm.

Basketball Clinics

Clinics are primarily after school skills training program, although some locations operate year-round. Clinics are only 1 day per week, 1 hour per clinic.

Unlock your child’s potential with our expert training & coaching!

Unlock your child’s potential with our expert training & coaching!

What You Can Expect

  • We prioritize teaching children how to step out of their comfort zone, recognizing its importance for personal growth and success both on and off the basketball court.

  • We prioritize the development of basic fundamentals while also introducing more advanced techniques that reflect the evolution of the game.
  • We provide a safe environment that encourages mental and physical growth, discipline, goal setting, and becoming the best basketball player possible.

  • We provide an encouraging environment where children are taught to embrace failure and mistakes as opportunities for growth, improvement, and overcoming obstacles.

What Your Child Will Learn

  • Shooting: Your child will learn the theory, mechanics, and nuances of shooting a basketball, through demonstrations and form shooting drills, followed by live shooting drills, competitions, and scrimmages.

  • Ball Handling: Your child will learn foundational ball handling skills through drills customized to their skill level, progressing to more advanced techniques such as crossovers, spins, and footwork, followed by cone drills, competitions, and scrimmages.

  • Footwork: Your child will learn the importance of footwork in basketball, and how it can improve their game by working with trainers and equipment to integrate footwork into their ball handling skills.

  • Passing Ability: Your child will learn the techniques and drills necessary to improve their passing accuracy, timing, and strength, through foundational drills that progress to team competitions and contests.

  • Competition & Games: Your child will learn to apply their skills in live competitions and games, including ball handling, shooting, and passing contests, as well as 3×3 and full-court scrimmages, during hour-long clinics that include skills training, competitions, and live scrimmages.

Crunch Time Basketball has a great atmosphere. The kids and coach are awesome! Really great place for youth to learn new skills and work on basketball drills. My son is 13 and really enjoys it.
Carrie H.
Coach Nate is great with teaching my kiddos. They have improved their basketball skills in just a few sessions. Would highly recommend Crunch Time for kids basketball!
Nicole H.
My son enjoyed so much every class with Crunch time Basketball. Coach Nathan is very patient and friendly. The technique taught from the coach helped my son improved on his basketball skill
Helen L.

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