At Crunch Time Basketball Clinics we are a firm believer in the science of shooting a basketball. If you want to be an automatic clutch shooter, mechanics is a must. It takes years to create good habits and tendencies in regards to the game of basketball, especially when it comes to becoming a “lights out” shooter, whether it‘s a jump shot or if your a set shooter. Our basketball clinics will provide the foundations that are imperative to instilling these tendencies and having the proper mechanics for shooters to fire away at will and without a conscious effort.

You can’t build a house without a foundation! It all starts with your feet, to your knees, your base, then up the pipe to your arm angle, then from the forehead to the follow-through (goose neck). It’s a process, and one that is impossible to teach and learn overnight. But, if you‘re not consciously training your mechanics with this process in mind, those 300 shots a day might get you to hit a few shots, but you‘ll never become an automatic clutch shooter.

Crunch Time Basketball Clinics will incorporate drills and techniques that will break those bad habits and allow our students to create the tendencies that are crucial to shooting at a high percentage. Session 1 begins the week of October 10, 2019. I‘m looking forward to continue on the path of improving your game to becoming the best basketball players you can possibly be, to the best of your ability.


– Coach Nate

By Published On: September 30th, 2019Categories: Blog

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